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What to Know About Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing Screws

What are metal roofing screws and what are they made of?

Metal roofing or metal panel screws are specially made...

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The Ultimate Guide to Snow Retention Systems

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Structural Screws Vs. Lag Bolts

Structural screws are relatively new products on the market intended to be able to replace most applications where...

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Why Powder Coating Matters

When it comes to powder coating, it’s easy to assume that all powder coatings are created equal, but much like wet...

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Tools for Metal Roofing

What tools do you need for metal roofing installation?*

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What to Know About Metal Roofing Sealants

An important step in weatherproofing a metal roof is applying a proper sealant to areas where rain and moisture can...

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Does Branding Matter For the Construction Industry?

     When people hear about “branding” they often think of logos, company colors and stationary items such as...

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The Types and Benefits of Roofing Underlayment

     Not all metal roofs make use of underlayment, because not all metal roofs have decking materials installed...

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7 Tips for Addressing the Contractor Shortage

The metal roofing industry has been steadily growing for some time now. Most metal panel manufacturers have reported...

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Why Ventilation Matters

All roofing types benefit from proper ventilation, but metal roofing especially requires a good ventilation system....

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